So how is YOUR Public Speaking?

Public speaking is easy when you understand the does and don'ts. Do you wish you understood it better? Did you notice the header of this site? There is a microphone in the spot light and no one is there to speak. The audience Indonesian shadow puppets are waiting for the next speaker; they are waiting for YOU!

Are you ready to take your place on the pedestal?

This site is for You whether you are a professional, a beginner or somewhere in between. Most people are more or less terrified of presenting and yet in today’s world, almost everybody will eventually be asked to stand up and vocalize their idea or expertise. Better be prepared and start learning the ropes when there is plenty of time to discover and practice and develop your unique style. Enjoy speaking, because you finally understand how to satisfy your audience’s needs.

So, stop fretting next time somebody is asking you to stand up. You have come to YOUR site a one stop shopping for public speaking.

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Your Public Speaking

Inspirational Quotes, especially the ones on public speaking are favorites; as well as all inspirational sayings of famous people.

Non verbal communication is a very important aspect of speaking; make sure you practice this skill.

Stories elevate your speeches and presentations to new levels

This site is especially for you

Professional presenters and trainers are welcome to post services, for the public to find and hire.

Events Calendar is the page where you can post or find the perfect workshop on in your area.

Courses and Training: Want to join a seminar or workshop lead by me Monika Sugiarto. You can also get personal coaching online or offline and even download effective tools to fast track your success.

As a Newbie you have come to the right place. Free tips and help for anybody who wants to improve. Public speaking is fun, when you understand the does and don'ts. If you have lots of fears and are very nervous when asked to speak, a good idea is to start with Nonverbal Communication the articles on body image and nerves will help you.

Is speaking and presenting in your job description and you want to keep on learning and improving, a good place to start are the pages Skills and Tips.

Looking for a Friend who helps you improve your personal speech? Welcome, I am here to support you. Post your question and even a YouTube video of your presentation on the page Q&A. You will receive clear and positive facts on what you do well already and tips on what and how to improve.

Wanting to become a professional speaker? There is a lot to learn, start with plenty of free speaking engagements to gain experience. You really need to study the Skills and Tips pages of this site. Post your particular question, a sample speech or presentation on Q&A and receive valuable insights into how to improve.

Please, accept my helping hand to guide you to your success! A word of caution though: ‘I can’t make it happen for you; You need to get in there, role up your sleeves, ready to do whatever it takes to reach your goal. Wish you success on your journey! When you have taken your place behind the microphone in the spot light (see header) drop me a line and most importantly send us a picture and tell us the story how you did it!

Do you want to know why I chose this header and logo as art of your public speaking?

So, when will you start? I am here to help you!

Monika Sugiarto

Your Public Speaking Doctor
Jakarta Indonesia

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