As a Speaker You need to Tell Great Short Stories!

Most people believe that they do not have any great short stories to tell. They think their lives are dull and uneventful or they are bashful about what happened in their lives. The fact of the matter is, anybody who has lived on this beautiful earth for some years has had experiences that shape their thinking, their success and their way of life.

Another fact is that most speakers avoid telling stories because they do not know how to choose inspirational stories and how to tell them successfully. Now is the time that you think seriously about how good a speaker you want to become. If you are serious about this craft, you better learn how to tell amazing tales.

Learn how to tell great short stories in your presentations.

Storytelling is a skill that anybody can learn and that needs to be honed. A great speaker is a great storyteller. You will be able to keep your audience on the edge of their seats with great short stories, well prepared and well rehearsed.

On this page you will find inspirational stories that you can use in your speeches and presentations for free, as long as you mention the source and the author, example: Monika’s story.

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How She Survived the Bombing

Read Mariko’s account how she survived the Marriott Hotel bombing in Jakarta in 2009. She has different priorities today than she did before. She is not the same person anymore. She is healthier and more active and has much to teach us how a life threatening event can help us understand life.

Inspirational short stories part 1 part 2 part 3

Esti was not Scared!

Esti is a breast cancer survivor. She took the lump she felt seriously, got done what needed to be done and is a healthy, active fun loving mother. And yet, events like this have a deep effect on most people. Listen and read how Esti overcame the odds and how she leads her live today.

Read full cancer survivor stories Esti part 1; part 2

Kathy Saved the Day in Great Short Stories!

Kathy is a flight attendant with a South East Asian airline. Flight attendants in general are picked because of their beauty, friendly smile and willingness to serve. As in all tales you will discover that there is much more to this than just the stereotype we think of. They also have to be very knowledgeable about safety and aware of what is going on in the cabin at all times. They have to be brave with nerves of steel.

Besides stories, use famous quotes to boost the content of your speech!

Inspirational Quotes Self Esteem, or Self Love or Self Improvement

Short Stories

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